Bible Study

There is no greater treasure than the Word of God. It is what we call the “Primary Marks of the Church”: Word and Sacrament. We are blessed to be able to offer Bible Study. Bible Study Classes are held every Wednesday starting at 7:00 p.m. in St. Paul's Parish Hall.

Both Immanuel and St. Paul’s congregation constitutions state that qualifications for congregational membership are “to be familiar at least with Luther’s Small Catechism and the Unaltered Augsburg Confession and declare his acceptance thereof.” Yet many Lutherans have unfortunately never even heard of the Augsburg Confession. The Augsburg Confession is the most comprehensive teaching of what Lutheran’s believe, teach, and confess on the basis of Scripture. In other words when asked, “What do Lutheran Christians believe?” We can most easily answer, “What we say here in the Augsburg Confession.” Thus a study of our Augsburg Confession is also be a study of the most important teachings of the Bible. So join us for the study of our Christian faith, and this document that your membership says you are to be familiar with!


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Bible Studies are arranged by date. To listen to a Bible Study Class, click on the name below.
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Bible Study resources, including Worksheets are included below. To see the document, click on the name below:
Bible Study Class 2/7/2018   Worksheet: Augsburg Confession 19
Bible Study Class 1/31/2018   Worksheet: Augsburg Confession 18
Bible Study Class 1/24/2018   Worksheet: Augsburg Confession 17
Bible Study Class 1/17/2018   Worksheet: Augsburg Confession 16
Bible Study Class 1/10/2018   Worksheet: Augsburg Confession 15
Bible Study Class 11/15/2017   Worksheet: Augsburg Confession 14
Bible Study Class 11/8/2017   Worksheet: Augsburg Confession 13
Bible Study Class 11/1/2017   Worksheet: Augsburg Confession 12
Bible Study Class 10/25/2017   Worksheet: Augsburg Confession 11
Bible Study Class 10/18/2017   Worksheet: Augsburg Confession 10
Bible Study Class 10/11/2017   Worksheet: Augsburg Confession 10
Bible Study Class 10/4/2017   Worksheet: Augsburg Confession 10
Bible Study Class 9/27/2017   Worksheet: Augsburg Confession 10
Bible Study Class 9/20/2017   Worksheet: Augsburg Confession 9
Bible Study Class 9/13/2017   Worksheet: Augsburg Confession 9
Bible Study Class 9/6/2017   Worksheet: Augsburg Confession 9
Bible Study Class 8/30/2017   Worksheet: Augsburg Confession 8
Bible Study Class 8/23/2017   Worksheet: Augsburg Confession 7
Bible Study Class 8/16/2017   Worksheet: Augsburg Confession 6
Bible Study Class 8/9/2017   Worksheet: Augsburg Confession 5
Bible Study Class 8/2/2017   Worksheet: Augsburg Confession 4
Bible Study Class 7/26/2017   Worksheet: Augsburg Confession 3
Bible Study Class 7/19/2017   Worksheet: Augsburg Confession 2
Bible Study Class 7/12/2017   Worksheet: Augsburg Confession 1
Bible Study Class 5/31/2017   Worksheet: Liturgical Catechesis 15
Bible Study Class 5/24/2017   Worksheet: Liturgical Catechesis 14
Bible Study Class 5/17/2017   Worksheet: Liturgical Catechesis 13
Bible Study Class 5/10/2017   Worksheet Liturgical Catechesis 12
Bible Study Class 5/3/2017   Worksheet Liturgical Catechesis 11
Bible Study Class 4/26/2017   Worksheet Liturgical Catechesis 10
Bible Study Class 4/19/2017   Worksheet: Liturgical Catechesis 9
Bible Study Class 2/22/2017   Worksheet Liturgical Catechesis 8
Bible Study Class 2/15/2017   Worksheet: Liturgical Catechesis 7
Bible Study Class 2/8/2017   Worksheet: Liturgical Catechesis 6
Bible Study Class 2/1/2017   Worksheet: Liturgical Catechesis 5
Bible Study Class 1/25/2017   Worksheet: Liturgical Catechesis 4
Bible Study Class 1/18/2017   Worksheet: Liturgical Catechesis 3
Bible Study Class 1/11/2017   Worksheet: Liturgical Catechesis 2
Bible Study Class 1/4/2017   Worsheet Liturgical Catechesis
Bible Study Class 11/16/16   Worksheet: Judges 7
Bible Study Class 11/9/16   Worksheet: Judges 6
Bible Study Class 11/2/16   Worksheet: Judges 5
Bible Study Class 10/26/16   Called to Vote 4
Bible Study Class 10/19/16   Called to Vote 3
Bible Study Class 10/12/16   Called to Vote 2
Bible Study Class 10/5/16   Called to Vote
Bible Study Class 9/28/16   Worksheet: Judges 4
Bible Study Class 9/21/2016   Worksheet: Judges 3
Bible Study Class 9/14/2016   Worksheet: Judges - Chapters 1-3


Bible Study classes are now being recorded and will be uploaded on a regular basis. If you have any questions or are unable to access the Bible Study or our resources, please let us know.

Additional Resources

There are also other resources available to you for your individual and family study of God’s Word. You may of course always contact Pastor for recommendations, and I would be very happy to supply you with faithful resources. Here are a just a few that are easily available in our LCMS tradition and which Pastor highly recommends:

The Lutheran Witness

The Lutheran Witness (LW). The official periodical the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, The Lutheran Witness is a monthly publication that seeks to interpret the contemporary world from a Lutheran Christian perspective. It offers Bible Study, Synod news, features, columns, Q&A's, and more.

KFUO (850 AM)

KFUO (850 AM) is the longest continually operating Christian radio station in the United States. Owned and operated by The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, KFUO boasts an array of audio resources from worship services to inspirational and sacred music to in-depth study of God's Word through programs including Law and Gospel, His Time, Thy Strong Word, Concord Matters, and several others.

Issues, Etc.

YOUR DAILY LUTHERAN BIBLE CLASS…Issues, Etc. is a radio talk show produced by Lutheran Public Radio in Collinsville, IL and hosted by LCMS Pastor Todd Wilken.  Each weekday, Issues Etc. covers a wide range of Biblical, practical, historical and contemporary issues from a Lutheran Christian perspective. You can tune in live weekdays from 3-5 p.m. on KFUO, 850 AM in St. Louis. 

Worldview Everlasting (WE)

Worldview Everlasting (WE) is a YouTube channel that seeks to blast through the choking smoke of false gospels, deceitful worldviews and misleading Christian fads that pollute our culture, with the sweet oxygen of the God-breathed Good News of Christ. For you.