Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod

What is LCMS?
LCMS stands for the Lutheran Church -- Missiouri Synod. The roots of the LCMS start in 1839 when a group of approximately 750 German immigrants came to Missouri and formed "The German Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio and Other States." A constitutional convention was held in Chicago in 1847, which was signed by 12 congregations. The synod has experienced many changes since that time. In 1947, the synod offically became known as the Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod. Today, the LCMS is composed of 2,310,235 members, 6,169 congregation, 9,420 clergy, and 829 missionaries. The LCMS is also dedicated to Christian education having 923 elementary schools, 102 high schools, 10 colleges, and 2 seminaries.

Grace Alone... Faith Alone... Based on Scripture Alone...
Grace alone, faith alone, and based on scripture alone are tenants at the core of beliefs for LCMS congregations. It means that we are saved by the undeserved love and mercy of God and by our faith, not by doing good works. The basis for God's grace is in the life, death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for our sins so that we could have eternal life. Although we are completely undeserving of it, we have been given a beautiful and amazing gift.

Want to learn more about LCMS?
To learn more about LCMS please visit their website at The LCMS website provides specific and detailed information about our beliefs, practices, ministries and how to find an LCMS church near you.

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Weather Advisory:

If weather conditions are severe enough to cancel church services, the cancellation will be announced on WHCO, AM1230. If you have cable or satellite TV you can watch Worship for Shut-ins on Sunday mornings -- Pastor highly recommends this program. Also, don't forget that sermons are also available here! If there is ever a concern about the weather and travel to church, please choose safety.